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Projects In India

Geographic spread of DPA's projects in India
DP Architects' (and hence my own) work in India started in the early 1990s.  At the time the Indian economy was showing signs of "opening up" as they say, whatever that means.  However India was not on my mental radar as a place for DPA to expand into.  It's true that Nirmala, my wife had been urging me to explore India as a possibility for some years.  Each time I'd wonder what DPA do with all those Rupees, remember DPA's earlier fiasco in attempting to work in China before the China bandwagon started up, and dismiss the idea with a thought that went, I'm ashamed to say, something like "Women!"

However one day Mr Ghanshyam Sheth, a director at what was then the Mumbai based Great Eastern Shipping Company, walked into the office with some colleagues, talked to me for half an hour and called up two days later and offered us a project.  Not only was this one of the easiest new projects I have ever got, Ghanshyam also proved to be a great client to work with.  This is where I should say something like "The rest, as they say, is history".

There have been ups and downs but from then up to late 2002 there was slow but steady growth of DPA's work in India.  We completed did projects for the Mahindra and Mahindra group, th Bangalore wing of the K Raheja Group (now RMZ Corp), Crossroads for the Piramal Group and so on.  However until late 2002, 80% or more of my professional time was taken by the Esplanade project.  There was a limit to the R&R I could indulge in - and with Esplanade taking up somuch of my life, Indian projects were indeed R&R!

Since the end of 2002 however our work in India has grown by leaps.  We have an office in Mumbai and one in Bangalore and one day we may indeed look back and say with true false modesty that "The rest, indeed, is history"!

DPA Singapore's Team India, February 2004
DPA Singapore's Team India, January 2005, with two friends

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