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MINDS Towner Gardens School

Completion:  1997
Client:  Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS)
Area:  4,779 sq m

Towner Gardens School designed as the pioneer purpose-built school for special education for MINDS.  It was their first school tailored for the special curriculum, activities and needs of the intellectually disabled.

The design uses a structural grid of 6m x 10m with the allowance of a 3.5m wide passageway.  The classroom module is 39 sq m.  Two normal classrooms are combined to form a classroom of approximately 80 sq m with operable wall partitions to allow for flexible classroom accommodation.

The school comprises a 3-storey main building which encloses a central assembly courtyard.  On the West, one arm forms an extended wing which connects to a high ceiling, single storey, School Hall.  Another activity court with a nursery playground is formed between the School Hall and the main school building.

The project was honoured with an SIA-Handicapped Welfare Association Award for Handicap-Friendly Buildings and the 3rd SIA-ICI Dulux Colour Awards Merit Certificate, both in 1998.

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Vikas M Gore

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