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Saletar Earth Station
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Saletar Satellite Earth Station

Completion:  1994
Client:  Singapore Telecommunications
Area:  4,535 sq m

Located on the Shore of Seletar Reservoir, the Station is the third and largest of similar facilities for Singapore Telecoms and was designed to play the additional role of a showcase for potential clients and for educational visits.  The facility primarily accommodates equipment and a a handful of permanent staff.

The long sandstone wall visually defines the public and restricted zones of the building.  On the front at the ground floor is the lobby with a public terrace and holding area on the upper floor.  These spaces are naturally ventilated taking advantage of the breeze and views of Seletar Reservoir.  The restricted areas include a large air conditioned equipment area and staff areas as well as extensive mechanical and electrical back-up equipment rooms on the ground floor.

Vertical circulation elements, stairs and lift, are picked out in a strong yellow.  The blue gantry which sails above the roof expresses the building's connection with the sky but also has a very practical use.  It accommodates microwave dishes.  The angle in plan of the gantry and the building itself is prompted by the then required orientation of microwave and satellite dishes.

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